Schedule a pickup

Hello and thank you for choosing Recycling E-Scrap Inc. for your recycling needs! 


  1. Please E-mail a list of the inventory you need picked up.  Please include a contact name, address, phone number and photos or spreadsheet if available. 

  2. Once your pick up request has been received, a representative at Recycling E-Scrap will call or e-mail to confirm pickup time and contents.

  3. Recycling E-scrap will fax or email a report showing the total weights and counts of your scrap, as well as send you a Certificate of Destruction.

  4. If you need EPA Letter or other services, Please contact Jack

  5. This is our EPA # FLR000231803

Jack H Jones Jr  Cell 904-704-4120

Call jack’s work line cell 904-629-7009

Companies in need of hard drive destruction, please specify in your email.

This service is free for your scrap.  Companies with no scrap, will be charged $2.00 per hard disk destroyed. Drives need to be pulled in advance or add $1.00 for removal on site! Include details in e-mail.

Companies wishing to be paid for their hard disk drives, ask about our bonded and guaranteed certified  pay back program.  We use

a system which creates a certificate for each drive recovered for reuse, with a full US DOD data destruction documentation.